Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

The restaurant at San Ottaviano is a unique local in the area, where fresh and homegrown meets a fusion of flavors and the traditions of the Maremma. The ingredients we use are nearly 100% local and seasonal, often of our own production.
La Birra de’Neri, our craft beer, plays a central role in our recipes. Our pasta is homemade with local ancient grain flours.
We invite you to inquire about any of our products and/or our Chef’s inspirations.

Each dish is featured with its suggested beer pairing.


Il Tagliere (1, 3)
Selection of the area’s cheese and salami served with our preserved vegetables (1, 3, 4, 5)

beer pairing: La Rossa

Chickpea meatballs
with baba ganoush sauce and mixed salad (Veggy ) (1, 4, 6)

beer pairing: La Bianca

herb-marinated beef with courgette salad and lemon-flavored mayonnaise

beer pairing: La Tipa

Chickpea hummus
with pinzimonio, mint pesto and seasonal croutons (Vega) (1)

beer pairing: La Bianca


Homemade Tortelli of Maremma (stuffed with herbs and ricotta cheese) with:
– meat sauce (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

– butter and garden sage (1, 2, 3, 4 )( veggy )

beer pairing: La Bionda

Pici cacio e pepe (1,3)

beer pairing: La Bionda

Pumpkin gnocchi (1, 2, 3, 4) ( veggy )
with butter and garden sage

beer pairing: La Bionda


La Fiorentina Steak
€65 /kg
beer pairing: La Rossa

Pork ribs
cooked at low temperature served with corn-on-the-cob and potato pie with pecorino cream ( 1, 2, 3 )

beer pairing: La Rossa

Stuffed chicken roll
with chard, sausage and peppers and its cooking juices

beer pairing: La Tipa

Pork loin
cooked in beer served with parsley sauce and mashed potatoes (1,2, 3)

beer pairing: La Rossa

Flan with seasonal vegetables
with chard sauce and pecorino cream (2, 3)

beer pairing: La Bionda

On the side

Roast potatoes with wild fennel
Grilled vegetables with garlic and mint
Garden salad



Birramisù (1, 2, 3)
Schiaccia campigliese with red wine sauce (1, 2, 4)
Cantuccio and Vin Santo (1, 2, 3, 4)
Fresh fruit slice with lemon curd


For children

Organic Tuscan pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil (1, 2, 3, 5)

Burgers on a plate and oven baked potatoes


Caffè Damoka (Follonica) €1.50
Cappuccino €2.50
Liquore delle Germandine (Suvereto) €3.50
Grappa Toscana €3.00
Vin Santo Toscano €2.50
Water €2.50
Homemade Liquors €3.00


Gluten = 1
Egg = 2
Milk products = 3
Dried fruit and nuts = 4
Celery = 5
Soy = 6


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Use Google Maps – by searching for “Agriturismo San Ottaviano“.

Take the E80/SS1 to the Venturina Terme exit, continue on SR398 through Cafaggio and then Suvereto, where you turn right into Via Dante Alighieri. After 3 km, turn left towards Monterotondo Marittimo. Continue for 7 km and turn left onto a small road signposted for the agriturismo. After a further 4 km, you will find yourself in the car park.