Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

The restaurant at San Ottaviano is a unique local in the area, where fresh and homegrown meets a fusion of flavors and the traditions of the Maremma. The ingredients we use are nearly 100% local and seasonal, often of our own production.
La Birra de’Neri, our craft beer, plays a central role in our recipes. Our pasta is homemade with local ancient grain flours.
We invite you to inquire about any of our products and/or our Chef’s inspirations.

Each dish is featured with its suggested beer pairing.


Il Tagliere

the best of the area’s cheese and salami served with our preserved vegetables (1, 3, 4 )
beer pairing: La Rossa

Eggplant Pie
with tomato and pecorino cheese
beer pairing: La Bianca

Crouton trio 
Tuscan bread with Vin Santo liver pate, cherry tomatoes and seasonal vegetables (1)
€ 7
beer pairing: La Tipa



Tortello of Maremma with meat sauce (1,2,3,4)
stuffed with herbs and ricotta cheese
beer pairing: La Rossa

Pici at Gricia style… from San Ottaviano 
with bacon and pecorino cream with pepper flour(1)
beer pairing: La Tipa

Gnocchi with Maremma Blue cheese 
with confit tomatoes and courgette flowers (1)€14
beer pairing: La Bionda



La Fiorentina Steak ( made to order )
€65 /kg
beer pairing: La Rossa

Pork ribs cooked at low temperature
with rose potatoes and onion ( 3 )
beer pairing: La Tipa

Sausage with stewed vegetables
beer pairing: La Tipa

Chicken leg on salad 
with blonde sauce and San Ottaviano honey vinaigrette (1)
beer pairing: La Bionda

Wild Boar at Suvereto style ( depending on availability )
beer pairing: La Rossa

Cheek of Chianina alla Rossa De Neri (1)
beer pairing: La Bianca



Roasted potatoes with rosmary
Roll of peppers in panzanella with stale bread
Grilled vegetables with herbs
€ 5


Birramisù (1, 2, 3)
Tarts with our jams (1, 2, 3 )
Cantuccio and Vin Santo (1, 2, 3, 4)


Organic Tuscan pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil (1, 2, 3, 5)
Cutlet and oven baked potatoes (1)


Caffè Damoka (Follonica) €1.50
Cappuccino €2.50
Liquore delle Germandine (Suvereto) €3.50
Grappa Toscana €3.00
Vin Santo Toscano €2.50
Water €2.50
Homemade Liquors €3.00


Gluten = 1
Egg = 2
Milk products = 3
Dried fruit and nuts = 4
Celery = 5
Soy = 6


Ask for a quote



Use Google Maps – by searching for “Agriturismo San Ottaviano“.

Take the E80/SS1 to the Venturina Terme exit, continue on SR398 through Cafaggio and then Suvereto, where you turn right into Via Dante Alighieri. After 3 km, turn left towards Monterotondo Marittimo. Continue for 7 km and turn left onto a small road signposted for the agriturismo. After a further 4 km, you will find yourself in the car park.