Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

The restaurant at San Ottaviano is a unique locale in the area, where fresh and homegrown meet a fusion of flavors taken from the American BBQ and the traditions of the Maremma.
The ingredients we use are 100% local and seasonal, often of our own production. La Birra de’Neri, our craft beer, plays a central role in our recipes.
Our pasta is homemade with local ancient grain flours. We invite you to inquire about any of our products and/or our Chef’s inspirations.

Each dish is featured with its suggested beer pairing.


Il Tagliere

the best of the area’s cheese and salami served with beer jelly, homemade jam and crostini of the day (1, 3, 4 )
beer pairing: La Rossa

Hummus, crispy vegetables, mint pesto and crostini (1, 5) (veggy)
beer pairing: La Bianca



Pappardelle with Champignon Mushrooms (1, 2)
topped wih a juniper glaze
beer pairing: La Rossa

Tagliatelle with Ragù
Tagliatelle with meat sauce and tomato (1, 2,5)
beer pairing: La Tipa

Autumn Risotto (veggy/ vega )
local rice with beetroot, pumpkin cream with burrata and a serum made of our beer ‘La Nera’ (1, 3)
beer pairing: La Tipa

The garden soup ( 5 ) (veggy )
beer pairing: La Bionda


La Fiorentina Steak ( made to order )
€65 /kg
beer pairing: La Rossa

BBQ Ribs (1, 2, 3)
slow cooked pork ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, served with a potato pie and a cream of pecorino and herbs
beer pairing: La Tipa

BBQ Pulled Pork (1, 2, 3)
mixed salad and homemade yoghurt dressing
beer pairing: La Tipa

Drunken Chicken (1, 3)
free-range organic chicken served with smoked mashed potatoes and parsley oil
beer pairing: La Bionda

Sliced beef with endive at bacon (1 )
beer pairing: La Rossa

Selection of Cheese (3, 4)
served with mustard, fruits and walnut kernel
beer pairing: La Bianca

Vegan steak (6)
with purple cabbage, herb ricotta made of soy
beer pairing: La Bianca


roasted potatoes with wild fennel
garden salad ( 4)
grilled vegetables with mint pesto
€ 5


Birramisu with La Nera beer jelly (1, 2, 3)
Cheesecake topped with fruit confetture…from NY to Tuscany (1, 2, 3, )
Cantuccio and Vin Santo (1, 2, 3, 4)


Organic Tuscan pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil (1, 5)
Burger and oven baked potatoes (3)


Caffè Damoka (Follonica) – €1.50
Cappuccino – €2.50
Liquore fatti in casa – €3.50
Grappa Toscana – €4.00
Vin Santo Toscano – €3.50
Water – €2.50
Fruit Juice (100% organic Tuscan fruit) – €3.50
Coperto €1.50

Take away extra price  € 3,00

Where do our ingredients come from?
Flour and legumes – Il Felciaione (Riotorto)
Cheeses and meats – La Maremmana (Grosseto), Mucci e Staccioli (Monteverdi M.mmo)
Organic chicken – Poggio ai Santi (family business in San Vincenzo)
Rice – Tenuta San Carlo (Grosseto)
Beef and wild boar – farm raised/local/wild
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Il Tesorino (Valpiana)
Val di Cornia wines
Our Birra de’Neri

Gluten = 1
Egg = 2
Milk products = 3
Dried fruit and nuts = 4
Celery = 5
Soy = 6


Richiedi un preventivo



Wir empfehlen Ihnen, nur Google Maps auf Ihrem Telefon zu verwenden, um uns zu finden.

Die Navigationsgeräte erkennen unsere Straße NICHT.

Bitte geben Sie “Agriturismo San Ottaviano” als Zielort ein.

Wir empfehlen immer, die Straße am Meer entlang zu fahren (statt ins Landesinnere), die Ausfahrt Venturina zu nehmen und dann Google Maps zur Tenuta zu folgen.